Örkum Tekstil continuously renews itself and keeps abreast of all trends and technological advances in the sector. We are highly aware of the fact that R&D is now an obligation and not a mere requirement in today’s world. We continue to invest into R&D with zeal. We employ all sorts of production technologies as well as special knitting techniques, printing types and innovative finishing procedures, also taking into consideration emerging seasonal trends. Our collections are appreciated by customers all around the globe and exhibited at international fairs.


We believe that a company’s commercial success cannot be measured by meeting the needs of the customers in the market alone. As Örkum Tekstil, we are committed to creating innovative products. We aspire to improve existing products as well as meet customer expectations.Thanks to our close ties with our national and international customers who are trendsetters and leaders of the sector, we always receive feedback regarding sectorial expectations, positive and negative observations and recommendations about our products, and we improve our production techniques accordingly. Our improvement efforts are not solely product based. We also incorporate technology, strategy, project management, business development, economic analyses, innovation and participatory management into our improvement projects.

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